Friday, May 8, 2015

Sea Level Rise May Be Accelerating in 2015

For the past few decades, the global sea level has been rising by about 1/10th of an inch per year (3.2 millimeters annually). However, it seems like the rate of rise in the sea level may be accelerating. as shown in the following chart published by the CU Sea Level Research Group.

The most recent update to this report (5/4/15) shows that the increase in sea level is well above the long term trend line.  

Time will tell whether the rise in global sea level will revert back to the trend line in the future, or if the rate of sea level rise is accelerating.

A rising sea level at a rate of 1/10th of an inch per year has frightening long term consequences. However, if the seas are rising even faster than the trend of the past few decades, it won't be long until flooding, beach erosion, and the other effects of higher sea levels become catastrophic.  

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