Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Does Occupy Wall Street Propose to Guillotine the 1%?

Based on the increasing violent rhetoric from Occupy Wall Street, it is not fantastical to suggest that some of the more radical members of the movement could move in the direction of calling for violence against "the 1%". The OWS movement is expressing anger and resentment without a purpose. That is only a step away from anarchy. The following tweet is indicative of the more radical direction that a few OWS supporters are starting to veer off towards:

"This isn't a protest. We're not here for jobs. We're here for a damn revolution" Rodriguez, an #OccupyOakland regular tells me. #ows"

Is the resentment that is being inflamed against "the 1%" anywhere near the level of that toward the French aristocracy in 1789? Obviously not. However, it would be naive not to realize that OWS could turn violent. And the obvious target of that violence is "the 1%". It is almost the only direction that seemingly flows from the rhetoric of OWS.

Looking for a job opportunity? If the OWS movement evolves from an over hyped motley collection of aimless out of work anarchists and continues down the path toward violent radicalism, there could be booming demand for body guards in the not too distant future.

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  1. When I wrote this post, I was reaching for a hyperbole to try to make a point. However, I came across a YouTube published video uploaded last month that does call for a French Revolution style violence. The video has received over 100,000 views.