Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Is Italian Labor Minister's Warning On Terrorism Valid?

The situation in Europe is obviously terribly ugly now that a cabinet minister has issued a warning about this being a potential breeding ground for terrorism.

Italy’s labour minister Maurizio Sacconi was quoted as saying "We must stop creating tension over labour reform which could lead to a new wave of attacks. I am not afraid for myself because I have (armed) protection. I am afraid for the people who are not protected and could become a target of political violence that is not extinct in our country”.

It seems to me that the German's had better come to a realization that the Eurozone is doomed or they risk surpassing the U.S as the nation that Europeans most dislike. Austerity measures forced upon southern Europe by the German led "troika" will not solve the debt crisis.

Ambrose Evans-Pritchard offers commentary and translation of the article that was originally published in Italy by Il Sole

Living across the pond does not insulate Americans from European problems. The world has become so interconnected that European problems are almost sure to infect the U.S. The European recession makes it harder to ignite the U.S job market, and there can be no guarantees that the Occupy Wall Street movement will stay peaceful as frustration builds over its minimal impact on U.S. society.

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